"A movement is underway in Highland Park to turn blight into beauty."

Channel 7 Detroit

"Mama Shu is working to turn the energy from her grief into something that can bring joy."

Curbed Detroit

"Avalon Village means the best kind of revolution to me – peaceful, empowering, self-less, and sustainable."

Alex Ebert, Lead Artist, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes

"Yes SHU Can!"

The Daily Detroit

"Shu erected a solar streetlamp on a block that had no light. She didn’t ask – she just did."

Charlie Leduff, Pulitzer Prize–winning reporter

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Mama Shu featured in People Magazine

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This Michigan Woman Is Remaking Her City, One Building at A Time

NBC Nightly News – THU, NOV 03

The city of Highland Park, Michigan — like so many automobile industry dependent cities in Michigan — has seen better days. Shamayim Harris is doing what she can to change that.

CBS News ShuMichigan woman on a mission to revitalize her neighborhood

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. — Some folks see their hometown for what it is. Meet someone who sees hers for what it could be.

The Detroit suburb of Highland Park has all the makings of a ghost town. This was the library. This was the high school. Much of the town just plain was. [read more]

Hero helps transform Highland Park


By Karen Drew – Reporter/Anchor

Posted: 5:35 PM, August 11, 2016
Updated: 5:35 PM, August 11, 2016


Highland Park ‘eco village’ brings basics back to Avalon Street

Shamayim Harris, better known as Mama Shu, sits on her porch on the corner of Avalon Village, a sustainable eco-friendly community that she is building in Highland Park… [read more]

Monday, July 25, 2016. Virginia Lozano, The Detroit News

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“The economic crisis of the Detroit metropolitan area is well-known,” says Rosenblum. “But, it’s not often that we see a community band together to work through the challenges and struggles and support each other in meaningful and substantial ways. Lead by Shu, who is a force of nature in the positivity, dedication and vision she brings to Avalon Village, she is showing that despite the hardships and challenges, residents are working together to build something bigger than themselves.”

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