A Message from Mama Shu – We’re Making Waves!

This blog was originally posted on our Kickstarter campaign

Dear Villagers,

I just got back to the village yesterday after a short trip to Dallas, Texas. Boy was it hot! Like 100-degrees-for-days-in-a-row hot. The weather isn’t the only thing heating up though: we’re raising the temperature on Avalon Village as we speed towards our first construction deadline of September 23rd. Things are getting hotter by the day…

This past Saturday, I stood before 1,100 women at Dallas’ Intercontinental Hotel to receive the eWomen Network 2016 Humanitarian of the Year award on behalf of my team. It was amazing! I could see the hope in the eyes of all the women entrepreneurs and game-changers in the crowd. I wanted to inspire them to overcome the personal challenges they face every day on their way to greatness.

That’s what this project is really about: transforming the blight (inside and outside of ourselves) into the beauty we all know is hiding in plain sight. I’m just a regular person, not an urban planner or wealthy developer. If I can resurrect the abandoned land on my little block of Avalon Street, imagine what you can do to improve your community. Better yet, imagine what WE can do together when we believe in each other!

I hope you’ll read our blog post about the award and feel proud to be a part of this village we’re building, brick by brick.

With abundant peace and love from the beating heart of Highland Park, Detroit, Michigan,

Mama Shu


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