It All Comes Down to This.

Today is the final day of our campaign. Think of it as a football game. Our team is just inside the 20-yard line with one down to go. There’s no field goals, just epic final second touchdowns.

You’ve carried us across the field the last 29 days, generously throwing down because you believe – as we do – in the power of beauty over blight to transform a fallen neighborhood. All of Detroit has rallied with you, propelling our cause onto TV and the radio airwaves. With Kickstarter, though, it’s all or nothing – this could end today with us just short of the goal line.

We’re asking every one of our backers to step up and drive us to the finish line. If each of our 1,250+ backers gives an additional $33, we’ll reach our goal by midnight. We’ll turn this vision of Shu’s into a concrete (and wood, grass, solar-paneled, vermi-composting…) reality.

We understand that, for some of you, that additional pledge might be a burden. We want you to know how grateful we are that you’ve already pledged so much. We believe in the power of AVALON VILLAGE, and we know that we’re going to reach this goal today. We’ve got this.

Let’s drive this ball across the goal line. We’ve come too far to give up in the final hours of the campaign. The Avalon team will be gathered at the village all day today and into the night to answer any questions you may have or just chat if you need some inspiration. Come tomorrow, we’re going to celebrate together the birth of a beautiful village in the heart of Detroit.

Let’s do this. With immense love and gratitude to every single one of you,

Shu and the Avalon Village Team


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