Can’t ‘Contain’ Our Excitement!

A shipping container arrivals at Avalon Village to be placed in the open-air Goddess Marketplace on August 16

Photo: A shipping container arrives at Avalon Village to be placed in the open-air Goddess Marketplace on August 16


A BIG delivery rolled up to The Avalon Village this week. Two big deliveries, to be exact. Our shipping containers have arrived! They are the building blocks for The Goddess Marketplace, an economic development initiative for women, that’s now closer to reality than ever before.

It was such an exciting moment when the truck pulled up on Avalon Street and placed the containers on the concrete foundation we created for them. They’re much larger than they appear – one is 40 feet long, the other is 20 feet. You can stand inside them, look around, and just imagine what it will be like when the storefronts are open, providing local artisans with an affordable place to sell their handmade goods.



One of our favorite things about The Goddess Marketplace is that it promotes self-sufficiency while increasing wealth and prosperity in our community.

Here’s what we love about shipping container construction, also known as ‘cargotecture.’

  • Shipping containers are strong and durable
  • Modifying them typically costs less than conventional construction
  • The containers themselves are available at a reasonable price
  • They’re eco-friendly and readily available across the globe

While the physical location for The Goddess Marketplace is not yet open, we are already in business online! You can shop 24/7, bring home a piece of The Avalon Village, and support local women all at the same time. Just click on this link to check out our candles, incense and oils, unique gifts, jewelry and accessories, bath and body products, spiritual supplies and services that uplift the mind, body and soul.

Happy Shopping!

PS – Here’s an architectural rendering of what the marketplace will look like when completed:

goddess marketplace crop

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